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Fri. Sep 7th 2018
Subject: Assistance to Firefighters (AFG) FEMA Grant
From: Currituck County Fire-EMS Chief Ralph MeltonCurrituck County Receives a Million Dollar Grant for Firefighting EquipmentCurrituck County Fire...
Fri. Sep 7th 2018
The Crawford Twp Volunteer Fire Dept proudly teamed up with the Outer Banks Animal Rescue Funding Project to support their annual Fundraiser. Their 2019 Rescue Heros Calendar is now available. Our dep...
Fri. Jul 6th 2018
On Wednesday July 11, 2018 at 1900 hours, the Crawford Township Volunteer Fire Dept invites you to join them for the dedication ceremony and blessing of their newly purchased Fire Engine.The new engin...
Sun. Jan 14th 2018
On Sunday January 14, 2018, the Crawford Township Volunteer Fire Dept; along with other Emergency Services and the community, lined Caratoke Hwy with flags flying high in honor of our Wounded Warriors...
Sun. Sep 17th 2017
The Crawford Township Volunteer Fire Dept Junior Squad competed in the Annual Miller's Ferry Junior Firefighter Competition on Saturday Sept 16, 2017. After some tough losses in 2016, they were mo...
Brush Truck 4
2006 Ford F450
4x4 crew cab with 250 gallon water tank
Cascade 4
1988 Ford Ambulance
Cascade 4 is a converted ambulance which provides the ability to refill firefighter air bottles on the scene of large incidents. It has a Honda powered cascade system outfitted in the rear of the unit.
Crash Truck 4
1984 Oshkosh P19
Crash 4 is a P19 Airport crash truck. It's primary response is for aircraft emergencies at the County Airport but has proven to be a valuable asset for brush and field fires.
Engine 40
2009 Pierce
3500 gallon tank with gravity dump
Engine 41
1985 Seagrave
Engine 411 is a 500 gallon Telesquirt
Engine 42
1980 Ford/E-One
Engine 42 is a 500 gallon engine who's primary response is for brush fires
Engine 43
2003 Seagrave
Engine 43 is a 1500 gallon engine equipped with a gravity dump
Engine 45
1987 Boardman
2500 engine equipped with a dump and 3000 gallon portable dump tank and a basic assortment of Hurst Rescue Tools
Engine 46
1983 Seagrave
Engine 46 is a 1000 gallon engine equipped with a gravity dump and a 1500 gallon portable dump tank
Engine 47
1982 Seagrave
Engine 47 is a 1000 gallon engine equipped with a gravity dump and a 1500 gallon portable dump tank
Engine 49
1999 International
Engine 49 is a 2 door commercial cab engine with a 1000 gallon tank and an assortment of Hurst Rescue Tools. Engine 49 is the first due Engine run out of Sligo Station.
2002 Ford Excursion
MRV 4 is the primary response vehicle for the Fire Chief. It is equipped with all necessary radios and command equipment.
MRV 41 / Duty 4
1998 Dodge Durango
MRV 41 is the primary vehicle utilized by department officers serving in the Duty Officer Role. It is equipped all necessary radios and equipment for running and managing incident command and accountability.
Rehab 4
1987 Ford Ambulance
Rehab 4 is a converted ambulance which provides rehabilitation and care to firefighters and rescuers on large incidents. It is stocked with drinks, snacks, towels, coffee, misting fans, tents for shade, cooling vests, and other items to include a portable toilet. It is available upon requests to other departments in the region as needed. The unit is primarily staffed by the Crawford Auxiliary
Rescue 4
2009 Freightliner
Rescue 4 is a 4 door commercial cab Freightliner with a rescue body. Rescue 4 has a full assortment of Hurst Rescue tools, saws, and a light tower for nighttime operations.
Tanker 4
2004 Freightliner/US Tanker
Tanker 4 is a 2000 gallon tanker
Tower 4
1989 Sutphen
100 foot Aerial Platform. Tower is equipped with 500 gallon water tank, 2-preconnected crosslays, and 500 feet of LDH supply line.

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