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Fri. Sep 7th 2018
Subject: Assistance to Firefighters (AFG) FEMA Grant
From: Currituck County Fire-EMS Chief Ralph MeltonCurrituck County Receives a Million Dollar Grant for Firefighting EquipmentCurrituck County Fire...
Fri. Sep 7th 2018
The Crawford Twp Volunteer Fire Dept proudly teamed up with the Outer Banks Animal Rescue Funding Project to support their annual Fundraiser. Their 2019 Rescue Heros Calendar is now available. Our dep...
Fri. Jul 6th 2018
On Wednesday July 11, 2018 at 1900 hours, the Crawford Township Volunteer Fire Dept invites you to join them for the dedication ceremony and blessing of their newly purchased Fire Engine.The new engin...
Sun. Jan 14th 2018
On Sunday January 14, 2018, the Crawford Township Volunteer Fire Dept; along with other Emergency Services and the community, lined Caratoke Hwy with flags flying high in honor of our Wounded Warriors...
Sun. Sep 17th 2017
The Crawford Township Volunteer Fire Dept Junior Squad competed in the Annual Miller's Ferry Junior Firefighter Competition on Saturday Sept 16, 2017. After some tough losses in 2016, they were mo...
Crawford Officers




           FIRE CHIEF            

       Ryland Poyner   






                       Tim Walter                                                               Brandon Whitlow                                                     Keith Storf

                             402                                                                              403                                                                      404


     TWALTER@CRAWFORDFIRE.ORG                                   BWHITLOW@CRAWFORDFIRE.ORG                    KSTORF@CRAWFORDFIRE.ORG






                                                                                                            Ken Ferrell Sr. 


                      405                                                                                    406                                                       407


                                                                                                        KFERRELL@CRAWFORDFIRE.ORG            AHARRISON@CRAWFORDFIRE.ORG







                 John Cirillo                                                                                    Steven Thibodeau

                        408                                                                                                    409   



  JCIRILLO@CRAWFORDFIRE.ORG                                               STHIBODEAU@CRAWFORDFIRE.ORG





                                                                                                             Austin Pope







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